I will always stand by your side in the shadow

If everyone would forget you, i would be the last one cloud on your sky

*A little lost cloud~
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heechul’s rival is AOA (x) (x)

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Super Junior - MAMACITA (Ayaya)

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when the mc asked sj to introduce themselves like they did when they were rookies

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Yesung and Leeteuk, The Bright Eyes and The Bright of Heart

Though Yesung has three hyungs, the one who treats him most like a dongsaeng is none other than our leader. Leeteuk is called Peter Pan for his young heart and appearance, but at the same time, acts less like Peter Pan and more like our leader umma with Yesung. Yesung is very loving of Leeteuk, hugging him and beaming at him when he’s speaking. When djing together at Sukira, sometimes Yesung would get a bit…over-enthusiastic when Leeteuk was tired, and rather than scold him, Leeteuk would smile to himself and let Yesung go on like that. At other times, he would play along with Yesung and the bora camera, making faces and funny voices, crazy dances, even breaking character and laughing because Yesung is just too much. Between them, Leeteuk, who takes care of Yesung as his dongsaeng, and Yesung, who admires Super Junior’s leader and considers him the utmost family. ♥

"You guys have no plans to end dorm life?" "No. Because there’s nowhere else to go.”

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Kangteuk + filming It’s You MV

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It isn’t a dream, TeukMin is real ♥

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